Contest for Sakura-Con 2023 Mascot
Full Rules

General Guidelines

The Mascot should reflect the spring theme of Sakura-Con. Submitted art must contain no background, be full body characters, and should be 8.5" X 11" size or larger and at least 300dpi (roughly 2500x3300 pixels). No animated formats or copyright-protected characters may be submitted; all art and characters must be original compositions.

As all submissions become property of Sakura-Con for use in promoting our convention, website, and related activities, artists may not post their entries online before the end of the contest for the sake of a fair and impartial contest. Artists may not post links to their entries on the Sakura-Con forums or other Sakura-Con space before the end of the contest. If an Artist is found posting or linking to their entries from the Sakura-Con forum or anywhere online, before the end of the contest their entries will be removed from the contest.

Likewise, any artists found publicly defaming other artists on Sakura-Con forums will have their entries removed from the contest. Any nudity (implied or actual), drug paraphernalia or other non-family friendly content in submissions will be grounds for removal of those images from the contest. Sakura-Con reserves the right to remove any submission it deems inappropriate.

The final winning mascot will be chosen by vote of registered Sakura-Con staff after an initial pre-screen by the Executive board (names will be withheld for purposes of anonymity). The new mascot will be revealed in July 2022.


All artists must submit new original entries to participate in the 2022 contest. Only one entry will be accepted from each artist.

All submissions become property of Sakura-Con for use in promoting the convention, website, and related activities.

Only electronic submissions will be accepted. To submit an entry, you must fill out the form and upload your submission.

As all your information is recorded in the database for this contest, you do not need to upload anything except the artwork you are submitting via our entry form.

To upload an entry, login and make a new entry. If your entry is larger than 7 Mb, please upload a scaled version of it that is not larger than 7 Mb for use in judging and make note that a higher quality version is available.

Mascot must be delivered to us by: 11:59pm PST on May 13, 2022.