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A Word about Membership

We don’t sell “admissions”, “tickets” or “badges”. We are a nonprofit, 100% volunteer run (not even board members are paid), members only organization. Our event is members only. When you purchase your membership you become part of the Asia-Northwest Cultural Education Association, and join us in supporting our State and Federal 501c3 nonprofit mission to educate and celebrate Asian culture through popular media and arts! Attending the event is a primary benefit of becoming a member, however, it’s not all.

In addition to attending Sakura-Con, your membership comes with other benefits and an ongoing invitation to be involved in our mission. Other benefits examples include automatic inclusion in our Members Only mailing list, Members Newsletters, discounts we negotiate year round for members, giveaways (such as for exclusive anime screenings), discounted special events, such as “Japan Night” with the Seattle Mariners and more as we can secure them. You are also assured that at Sakura-Con, as members, you will not be charged for programming such as concerts, theaters or even guest autographs! Finally, General Members can nominate in our elections, if they so desire. In this way, Sakura-Con is truly always “by fans and for fans” along with our nonprofit mission.

Please read our Member Registration Guide, our Member Policies, and, if you are a minor or bringing minors to the convention, our Minors’ Policy.

As a reminder, if you are attending the convention and under the age of 18, you are REQUIRED to have an attending adult who is also a registered member. We will not make exceptions to this rule. If your parent or legal guardian does not wish to attend, they must authorize another adult to be your attending adult. They can fill out and sign a Parental Permission Form designating another adult attendee as an at-con guardian which you can hand to us in Registration at the convention.

Membership Rates at the convention:

Children age 6-12 receive a 50% membership rate discount with their family; children age 5 and under receive a complimentary membership with their family.

Memberships are subject to acceptance and adherence to ANCEA/Sakura-Con Policies. Memberships are not allowed to be transferred or sold and are non-refundable. Registered Members are entitled to attend all three days of Sakura-Con. Sakura-Con has no plans to issue any pro-rated day memberships for 2017.

Pre-Registration membership prices

$40 at con on Sunday
$50 Closed (until 7/31 at 11:59 PM Pacific)
$55 Closed 8/1 (until 9/30 at 11:59 PM Pacific)
$60 Closed  10/1 (until 11/30 at 11:59 PM Pacific)
$65 Closed 12/1 (until 11:59PM on 3/23/2017.)
$75 at the door

On-site Member Registration

The Conference Center, Level 3

Member Registration location and hours are as follows:
Thursday, April 13th, 12pm-9pm
Friday, April 14th, 6am-9pm
Saturday, April 15th, 6am-9pm
Sunday, April 16th, 8am-1pm.

The Conference Center entrance is across the street from the main entrance to the Washington State Convention Center.

Register Now

ANCEA/Sakura-Con is a state and federal non-profit organization. By purchasing a registration for Sakura-Con you are becoming a member of the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association. The benefits of membership are attendance to Sakura-Con, the receipt...

Education Group Application

ANCEA offers discounted memberships for qualified groups, such as primary and high schools, and registered non profit clubs serving youth. If you are a teacher, counselor or school club organizer please fill out this form to apply for a discount for your...

Registration Guide

Go to the Sakura-Con Online Registration Form Read and Accept our Policies Choose how many memberships you would like to register for, from the dropdown menus. Click "Submit" when you have the correct number of memberships total. (NOTE:...