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Please review our Membership Policies here.


Section I: Sakura-Con/ANCEA Membership Policy

A. Membership and Dues

All members are to pay dues and are eligible to attend Sakura-Con. An individual becomes a member of ANCEA/Sakura-Con on the day their registration paperwork is received by Sakura-Con Registration and dues are received. All members are eligible to attend Sakura-Con. There are two types of membership:

1. Voting Membership

All Sakura-Con staff members are Voting Members and are eligible to vote on issues pertaining to ANCEA and Sakura-Con. Voting Members must apply and be approved by the Director of the Department in which they apply to uphold a staff position for the current year of Sakura-Con, with the number of hours, not less than 16, determined annually by the President, and are eligible to vote at General Meetings. Voting Members are considered official representatives of Sakura-Con and are responsible for fulfilling their assigned duties as defined by the Convention Structure. All Voting Members also have all the rights and responsibilities of Attendee Members.

2. Attendee Membership

Attendee Members have no duties or responsibilities whatsoever as defined by the Convention Structure, other than to honor Sakura-Con Policies at Sakura-Con, and are not eligible to vote at General Meetings but are eligible to nominate board members. Additionally, all Attendee Members are invited to attend Sakura-Con General Staff meetings to learn more about ANCEA/Sakura-Con and to become involved in year round ANCEA activities, including receiving the electronic Sakura-Conduit Newsletter.

B. Membership Dues and Expiration

All Members must pay dues as determined by the Executive Board Annually. The current membership year (known as “current year”) is the period of time beginning immediately following the last annual meeting (elections meeting) and ending at the end of the next annual meeting (elections meeting). All memberships with the exception of the Executive Board members in the second year of their two-year terms are valid unless revoked or terminated until immediately after the Elections meeting. At that time, the membership to the Sakura-Con organization expires and must be renewed for the new convention planning year.

C. Payment of Membership Dues

Payment for ANCEA/Sakura-Con membership can be made through officially recognized channels.

D. Switching Memberships

Members may change from a Voting Member to an Attendee Member, or vice versa provided they meet the criteria for the membership they are switching to, including paying the correct dues for their level of membership and, in the case of Voting Members, switching before the current year’s Sakura-Con and before the Annual Meeting (elections meeting).

1. Refund for differences in dues

Refunds for differences between the Attendee Membership and the Voting Membership dues are limited to the time from when the individual switches memberships to the deadline for declaring staff candidacy for the convention as determined by the Board.

2. Payment for differences in dues

When switching between a Voting Membership and an Attendee Membership, one must pay the current Attendee Membership Dues.

E. Nominations, Elections and Voting Procedures

1. Nominations

Nominations are held only for the Executive positions open for re-election in any given year. These nominations are open from the end of the “Comments and Suggestions” panel held on the last day of the convention until ten days before the Annual Meeting (Elections Meeting). All nominations must be finalized ten days before the Elections meeting. “Deferred” is not a finalized status. At the Annual Meeting (Elections Meeting), nominations may be called to be open by 3/4 vote of the attending Voting Members, otherwise they are to remain closed and the position will remain open to nominations until the next general meeting with Quorum as per the ANCEA bylaws. Those running for an Executive position are required to attend the Annual Meeting (elections meeting). Failure to attend will result in forfeiting the nomination.

2. Election of the Executive Board

The Sakura-Con/ANCEA Executive Board is elected to two-year terms on a staggered basis. Elections are usually held four to six weeks after the convention. The elected positions are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Officer, Director of Operations, Director of Publicity, Director of Programming, and Director of Relations. All other positions in the Convention Structure are filled by appointment only.

3. General Voting Procedures

Only Voting Members of the ANCEA/Sakura-Con organization may vote at ANCEA/Sakura-Con General Meetings. See above sections on Membership. As per ANCEA bylaws, only one vote per voting member is allowed on each matter put to vote.

4. Absentee Voting

Absentee voting is allowed only at the Annual Meeting (Elections Meeting). Only Voting Members of ANCEA/Sakura-Con may submit absentee votes. All absentee voting must be communicated in writing to the current Secretary two days prior to the Elections Meeting. An absentee vote is invalid if the absentee decides to attend the Elections Meeting.

F. Termination of Membership

1. Revocation of Voting Membership

Voting Memberships can be revoked with a written notice of removal signed by the Director of the department of which they are a member. A copy of the written approval and notice shall be filed with the Secretary. No compensation for time volunteered will be made upon revocation of Voting Membership. This revocation of Voting membership does not bar the individual from re-registering as either an Attendee Member or serving as a Voting Member in a different capacity unless specifically noted in the revocation.

2. Termination of Attendee Membership

All Attendee Members are expected to honor all federal, state, and local laws while attending Sakura-Con including the Rules of Conduct. ANCEA/Sakura-Con reserves the right to revoke membership.

G. Appeal Process for Revocation or Termination of Voting Membership

If a membership to ANCEA/ Sakura-Con has been revoked or terminated, the individual must complete the following steps in order for the appeal to be considered:

  • The individual whose membership has been revoked or terminated has 35 days from the dated letter informing the individual that his or her membership has been revoked or terminated to send their appeal packet to the Chair (chair@sakuracon.org) and Secretary (secretary@sakuracon.org). This appeal packet should contain:
    • A letter explaining his or her reasoning to the Board as to why the Board should reconsider the revocation or termination of his or her membership.
    • Copies of letters, forms, documents, etc. that can support his or her appeal to be reinstated as a member of the Sakura-Con organization.

The Executive Board (Board) has thirty days after receiving the letter to schedule a closed meeting which the individual will be required to attend, which may be held in person or virtually at the Board’s discretion. At this meeting, the individual will be allowed to verbally contest the revocation or termination and present new evidence for repealing the revocation or termination of their Sakura-Con Membership. At this meeting, the Executive Board will make the decision either to uphold the revocation or termination of this individual’s membership or reinstate this individual’s membership for the current dues period. In the case of a revoked Voting Membership, the involved parties (affected Director, supervising manager and removed Voting Member) will present their testimony and answer the questions of the Board. The affected Director shall not vote on the outcome and will leave the room along with other involved parties during the vote for or against upholding the revocation of the Voting Member’s status. The decision of the Executive Board is final.

H. Expenditure Reimbursement

All reimbursement for expenditures throughout the convention planning year must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The expenditure was indicated in the department budget that was approved by the Executive Board (Board). If the expenditure was not pre-approved in the department’s budget, it will NOT be reimbursed.
  • Additional expenditures beyond what was indicated in the department budget after it has been approved must be authorized by the President and Treasurer, or no reimbursement will be issued.
  • Reimbursement must be accompanied by either a receipt, credit card statement, or other form of proof of purchase that the Financial Officer will allow.
  • A reimbursement form with the receipt or other acceptable proof of purchase attached must be completed and signed before a check can be written to repay the expenditure.
  • All reimbursements for the previous convention will be valid and reimbursed until sixty days after the previous convention has occurred. After sixty days have passed, no reimbursement for the previous convention will be permitted.

I. Membership Meetings

1. Executive Meetings

Executive Board Meetings are required at least once per month and can be canceled or postponed by the President for up to one month. An Executive Meeting must be scheduled and completed immediately after a postponement or cancellation. The first Executive meeting of the current year must take place immediately after the completion of the Annual Meeting (Elections Meeting) as per ANCEA Bylaws. Executive meetings can be called by the President or by two members of the Executive Board, as per the ANCEA Bylaws, but are regularly to be scheduled at least 10 days in advance by the President.

2. Departmental Meetings

Departmental Meetings are required for all departments,at least once every three months as in-person meetings. Alternative means are acceptable such as: via phone, Internet, or other forms of electronic communication.

3. General Meeting

As per the ANCEA bylaws ANCEA/Sakura-Con General meetings will be scheduled and determined by the President. Meetings will be once a month and meeting notice will be at least 10 days before said meeting as per the ANCEA bylaws.

J. Sakura-Con Convention Period

Sakura-Con’s dates shall be determined by the Board for the current year as defined by the ANCEA bylaws.

K. Sakura-Con Convention Structure

The Convention Structure is to be administrated by the Directors as needed to fulfill the needs of their department.

Section II: Rules of Conduct for Sakura-Con

A. Rules of Conduct

The following rules of conduct must be followed by all Sakura-Con Attendee Members and Voting Members in order to provide a safe, secure, and pleasant environment and to fulfill the basic qualification of membership as per the ANCEA/Sakura-Con bylaws.

These activities are not allowed during the Sakura-Con convention:

  • Loitering;
  • Engaging in disruptive and unsafe behavior that disturbs the public or staff;
  • Physical or verbal harassment of the public or staff;
  • Any act which could result in substantial risk or harm to people or property;
  • Sexual misconduct, such as indecent exposure, offensive touching, or sexual harassment;
  • Engaging in any activity prohibited by law;
  • Possession of any item defined as a weapon, illegal or not;
  • Literature distribution without the written permission of ANCEA.

Individuals whose actions violate these rules will be asked to stop such actions. Sakura-Con reserves the right to require anyone violating these rules of conduct to leave the event. Sakura-Con may withdraw permission for a person to re-enter the event if that person continues to violate these rules. Any violation of the rules of conduct which involve activities prohibited by law will result in notification of the proper authorities.

Section III: Convention Polices for All Members at the Sakura-Con Convention

A. Animals

ADA working animals are allowed in the convention space. Non-ADA animals are not permitted.

B. Autographs

Each Guest of Honor will have designated autograph times during the convention. To allow as many Members as possible to receive an autograph from convention Guests of Honor, please obtain only one autograph per trip. Members will not be barred from re-entering the line to obtain additional signatures during the scheduled autograph times, but please allow others to receive their autographs in a timely fashion as well. Members who arrive early should respect those who are in line for an earlier session by following directions given by Sakura-Con representatives. Please present only properly licensed products for autographing.

C. Badges

Badges must be worn chest high and be visible at all times. Individuals without badges will not be granted access to convention space. A fee will be charged for replacing a lost badge. See the Convention Souvenir Guide for badge replacement instructions.

D. Footwear

Due to public health and safety requirements, all Members are required to wear approved footwear while in the convention space. Acceptable footwear includes shoes, sandals, flip-flops, aqua sox, and slippers. Unsafe or hazardous footwear is not allowed to be worn while in the convention center.

E. Costumes

We are all excited about dressing up as characters and in costumes for the upcoming Sakura-Con convention. Sakura-Con reserves the right to deem a costume unacceptable and request the wearer to make modifications as necessary. This convention is a family-friendly event. Please keep this in mind when choosing costumes and allow common sense and good taste to prevail (see section III-N regarding Indecent Exposure). Footwear, per the Bare Feet policy (section III-D), is required in the convention space. Please remember to follow hotel policies for items such as towels that may be permanently stained by makeup removal.

F. Drinking

If you drink, don’t drive! Please have a designated driver. There is no drinking in the convention space, except where designated. Individuals must be 21 to consume alcohol in the United States. This also applies to our international Members. Serving alcohol to minors is against United States law. Individuals who appear to be intoxicated will not be allowed into the convention space.

G. Flyers

Sakura-Con will have a message board available at the Info Booth for people to post information but it must be approved by info booth staff to be posted. Please do not post any flyers on the doors or walls of the convention space; they will be removed. Please make sure flyers are family friendly. Also see the Signage policy (section III-V) regarding signs that offer services.

H. Food

No outside food or drink is allowed in the convention space.

I. Gaming

No Live Action Role Playing (LARPing) is allowed.

J. Guests of Honor

Sakura-Con’s Guests of Honor have taken time out of their busy schedules to attend. Please respect the privacy of the Guests of Honor. Members will be able to gather autographs of the guests during specified times. Unruly behavior is a “Three Strikes” offense (see section III-Z) and may result in disciplinary action up to termination of membership.

K. Anti-Harassment Policy

Sakura-Con is dedicated to providing a harassment-free and inclusive event experience for everyone regardless of gender identity and/or gender expression, sexual orientation, disabilities, neurodiversity, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, nationality, race, age, religion, or other protected category. We do not tolerate harassment of event participants in any form. Sakura-Con takes violations of our policy seriously and will respond appropriately, up to and including a permanent ban of membership. 

All participants of Sakura-Con must abide by the following policy:

  1. Be excellent to each other. We want the event to be an excellent experience for everyone regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disabilities, neurodiversity, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, nationality, race, age, religion, or other protected category. Treat everyone with respect. Participate while acknowledging that everyone deserves to be here — and each of us has the right to enjoy our experience without fear of harassment, discrimination, or condescension, whether blatant or via micro-aggressions. Jokes shouldn’t demean others. Consider what you are saying and how it would feel if it were said to or about you.
  2. Speak up if you see or hear something. Harassment is not tolerated, and you are empowered to politely engage when you or others are disrespected. The person making you feel uncomfortable may not be aware of what they are doing, and politely bringing their behavior to their attention is encouraged. If a participant engages in harassing or uncomfortable behavior, the event organizers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning or removing the offender from the event with no refund of membership fees. If you are being harassed or feel uncomfortable, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of the Sakura-Con staff immediately.
  3. Harassment is not tolerated. Harassment includes, but is not limited to: verbal language that reinforces social structures of domination related to gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disabilities, neurodiversity, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, nationality, race, age, religion, or other protected category; sexual imagery in public spaces; deliberate intimidation; stalking; following; harassing photography or recording; sustained disruption of talks or other events; offensive verbal language; inappropriate physical contact; and unwelcome sexual attention. Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior and must comply immediately.

This policy extends to any and all scheduled events during Sakura-Con, including social media, dances, hallway interactions, panels, all attendees, partners, sponsors, volunteers, event staff, etc. You catch our drift. Sakura-Con reserves the right to refuse admittance to, or remove any person from Sakura-Con at any time in its sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, attendees behaving in a disorderly manner or failing to comply with this policy, and the terms and conditions herein. If a participant engages in harassing or uncomfortable behavior, the event organizers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning or removing the offender from the event with no refund of membership fees.

Our event staff can usually be identified by Staff badges. Our zero tolerance policy means that we will look into and review every allegation of violation of our Event Community Guidelines and Anti-Harassment Policy and respond appropriately. Please note, while we take all concerns raised seriously, we will use our discretion as to determining when and how to follow up on reported incidents, and may decline to take any further action and/or may direct the participant to other resources for resolution.

Event staff will be happy to help participants contact hotel/venue security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing discomfort or harassment to feel safe for the duration of the event. We value your attendance.

Why this policy is important

Harassment at events and in online communities is unfortunately common. Creating an official policy aims to improve this by making it clear that harassment of anyone for any reason is not acceptable within our events and communities. This policy may prevent harassment by clearly defining expectations for behavior, aims to provide reassurance, and encourages people who have had bad experiences at other events to participate in this one.

License and attribution

This policy is licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license.

This policy is based on and influenced by several other community policies including: Ohio LinuxFest Anti-Harassment policy, Con Anti-Harassment Project, Geek Feminism Wiki (created by the Ada Initiative), ConfCodeofConduct.com, JSconf, Rust, Diversity in Python, GDG Chapter/Events Help, and Write/Speak/Code.

Offenders will be given a strike per the “Three Strikes” policy (see section III-Z) and may face revocation of their membership if the offense warrants such action. Preliminary determinations will be made by the Sakura-Con Attendee Services Manager.

If an assault occurs, call 911 immediately, and then please report the matter to Sakura Attendee Services.

A person who assaults or harasses another person is guilty of a crime under Washington State law.

L. Hate Speech Policy

Sakura-Con is open to everyone. We feel strongly that our differences make us a better community overall, and that our membership, staff, vendors, exhibitors, sponsors, and guests deserve a welcoming and inclusive space to celebrate all things Asian Culture. With that, we are proud to announce that we have a Zero Tolerance for Hate Speech.  

Zero Tolerance for Hate speech.

Hate speech is any form of expression through which speakers intend to vilify, humiliate, or

incite hatred against a group or a class of persons on the basis of race, religion, skin color,

sexual identity, gender identity, ethnicity, disability, or national origin.1


During our event, we ask that you are respectful of everyone in attendance by following this guidance: 

  • Be mindful of your communication and your choice of words, actions, or gestures. Please refrain from anything that is harassing or abusive, or that could be obscene. This does include, but is not limited to slurs, hate speech, discriminatory language, bullying, mocking, ridiculing, or mimicking another’s attributes. 
  • Threatening or intimidating anyone during our event is unacceptable in any way. 
  • Any action that directly or indirectly takes into account an individual’s culture, ethnicity, race, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, immigration status, religion, disability, gender identity and expression, accent, appearance, or customs, is prohibited. 
  • Clothing that displays or projects hate speech, symbols that promote hate speech, derogatory or abusive language, pornography, or obscene content is strictly prohibited. You will be asked to remove the item of clothing or leave the premises until it is removed. If you return while still wearing the item or refuse to remove it or leave until it is removed, you will be banned from attending Sakura-Con and your membership revoked. 
  • Swastikas and anti-semetic imagery and language is strictly prohibited. 
  • Any anti-Asian language or imagery is strictly prohibited. 

Please keep in mind that while you might not find something offensive, another member might. Offensive behavior is defined by how it is perceived, not by your intention. While we are a very diverse community, we still have minimum standards as to what we will and will not allow at our event to keep our membership safe. If you think something is not offensive but others do, that behavior is not acceptable, we will take action to protect our members and keep them safe.

If you are found to be in violation of this policy, we will take appropriate action immediately, and you will be asked to stop the behavior immediately. If you do not stop the identified behavior or are retaliatory or rude to our staff about the violation, that action can include removal from the event, and up to and including revocation and permanent ban of individual membership.

Thank you for supporting Sakura-Con, our community, and our shared vision of a safe and inclusive event for everyone. 

1 Kenneth Ward, Free Speech and the Development of Liberal Virtues: An Examination of the

Controversies Involving Flag-Burning and Hate Speech, 52 U. Miami L. Rev. 733 (1998)


This policy is based on the policy written/developed by OpenToAll and influenced by several other community policies.

M. Restraining Order/No Contact Order & Sexual Assault Policy

If you have a Restraining Order or No Contact Order against you and we are contacted by another member who holds that RO/NCO, we will revoke and refund your membership and place you on our banned list for the duration of the RO/NCO. 

If you are publicly accused of a Sexual Assault, or are reported privately to a member of our Executive Board, we will review the information and may ban you from our membership to ensure that our community is as safe as possible. If you are a standing member and banned for such, we will not return your membership fee, and you will be placed on the ban list indefinitely. 

Sakura-Con believes survivors and will stand with victims of gender-based, hate-based, and discriminatory violence.

N. Hotel Room Stuffing

Room stuffing is not allowed. The occupancy limit for standard hotel rooms is four people, except with the hotel’s permission; i.e., an infant. Please check with the hotel for details.

O. Illegal Substances

Any illegal substance abuse or paraphernalia will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

P. Indecent Exposure

Sakura-Con requires that all Members wear attire equivalent to at least a non-thong swimsuit while in the convention space. Sakura Attendee Services may, at their discretion, ask Members to change their attire if they are not complying with this policy; repeat offenders may earn a strike against their badge as per the “Three Strikes” policy (see Section III-Z). Overt sexual behavior or attire will result in Sakura Attendee Services, herein known as SAS, asking the Member to stop, and may result in a strike against the Member’s badge. If there is any disagreement with the decision of SAS, or if the Member feels that he or she is being treated unfairly by SAS, he or she may appeal to the Director of Operation’s, but the Director of Operation’s decision is final.

Q. Liability

Sakura-Con, ANCEA, and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury. Members are responsible for their individual actions and any repercussions that may result. Civil or medical emergencies are to be handled directly by the proper authorities.

R. Merchandise

All merchandise must be paid for. Members must keep receipts with them at all times. Please wait in line and do not crowd the exhibitor’s tables. Any weapons that are purchased from the Exhibitors’ Hall must be peacebonded, as per the Weapons Policy (section III-AA).

S. Minors

When minors pick up their badges, they must be accompanied by a parent or designated guardian. All guardians must be age eighteen or over and a registered Member of the convention. All minors must have a parent or guardian on the premises at all times.

1. Minors age 12 and under

All children age twelve and under must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian who is a registered Member of Sakura-Con.

2. Minors age 13 to 17

All minors thirteen to seventeen must have a parent or guardian in the convention space at all times. All parents and guardians must be registered Members of Sakura-Con.

3. Curfew policy

Sakura-Con has a curfew on all convention space at 1:00 AM. All members age seventeen and under in the convention space after 1:00 AM will be asked to leave. Curfew time ends at 6:00 AM.

T. Photography

Cameras and camcorders are not allowed in the Art Show. Photography of art, model, toy and collectibles displays may be allowed with the permission of the Art Show Coordinator and the artist. Contact the Art Show Coordinator for more details. Photography of original artwork in Artist Alley is not allowed without permission of the artist.

Photography is restricted to specific events. Please see event descriptions to see which events allow photography. Photography of all other aspects of the convention is allowed, as long as it does not disrupt events or the flow of traffic, and the subject does not object. Please be considerate and ask first before taking pictures of guests, other Members, or the general public.

U. Press

Press MUST check at the Press Room for additional information pertaining to Press. Sakura-Con reserves the right to grant or deny approval for all video recording requests. Permissions may be retracted at any time.

V. Room Parties

Sakura-Con does not recognize or endorse room parties. Sakura-Con does not allow advertising of room parties in any official capacity. This includes flyers or email correspondence via any official Sakura-Con channels. Sakura Attendee Services will work with the hotels to keep records of actions taken by hotel security, and will revoke convention memberships from individuals removed from a convention hotel site by hotel security.

W. Recreational Vehicles

Sakura-Con is not responsible for RV arrangements, reservations, or fines due to violation of rules caused by unauthorized RV parking.

X. Signage

While in convention space, please refrain from displaying or wearing signs that offer services. Signs with inappropriate content will be removed, and may result in a strike as per the “Three Strikes” policy (see section III-Z). Also see the Flyers policy (section III-G).

Y. Sleeping in Convention Areas

Do NOT sleep in the convention space or public areas.

Z. Smoking

Washington State law prohibits smoking indoors and within twenty-five feet of doorways and building ventilation access. Please follow hotel policies regarding smoking in hotel rooms.

AA. Theft

Any Sakura-Con Member caught in the act of shoplifting or stealing will be handed over to the authorities, have their membership revoked, and refused service into all future Sakura-Con events. No exceptions.

BB. “Three Strikes” Policy

Sakura Attendee Services watches for both policy violations and criminal activity. Policy violations are handled by Sakura Attendee Services under Sakura-Con’s “Three Strikes” policy:

  • Strike One: the Member is given a general warning and informed of the policy being violated.
  • Strike Two: Membership is suspended, his or her badge is reclaimed by Sakura-Con for one hour, and the Member is escorted from the convention space. The Member may retrieve his or her badge at the Sakura Attendee Services Office after one hour.
  • Strike Three: Convention Membership REVOKED.

Strikes may be issued for reasons including but not limited to:

  • Harassment;
  • Disorderly conduct or disruption of the convention or hotels;
  • Violation of any convention polices as stated in this document;
  • Avoiding a Sakura-Con representative trying to speak with you about a policy violation.

There is NO time limit between strikes. Should a membership be revoked, the Member can appeal the circumstances to the Sakura Attendee Services Manager and the Director of Operation’s during the convention.

Criminal actions are referred to local law enforcement and will lead to immediate ejection from the convention regardless of the “Three Strikes” policy.

Facility security and staff of any public function space do not have general responsibility for any aspect of the convention, but can choose to respond to any disruptive action. If the security or staff from any public function space should choose to remove an individual from the convention site, the convention will immediately revoke membership.

Sakura Attendee Services reserves the right to revoke membership and eject anyone at any time from the convention without a refund.

CC. Weapons

No Members will be permitted to carry any kind of functional projectile weapon. This includes individuals who possess a weapons permit or concealed weapons permit. Keep them at home. Anyone found in possession of such a weapon will immediately have their membership revoked. Individuals caught in the illegal possession of a functioning projectile weapon will be reported and turned over to the proper authorities. All other items that could be used as a weapon MUST be peacebonded.

You must have your props submitted for peacebonding. Complete this action BEFORE entering convention space or you will receive a strike against your badge as per the “Three Strikes” policy (See section III-Z). Peacebonding will be conducted at the peacebonding table. Please see the Convention Souvenir guide for locations. Government issued photo ID is required at peacebonding to have your prop peacebonded. Members seventeen and under must have their guardian or accompanying adult with them to have their prop peacebonded.

Bladed Weapons: All weapon props made out of metal and designed to represent a blade (including, but not limited to, swords, daggers, kunai, and scythes), with an edge a quarter of an inch in width or narrower and/or a sharply pointed tip) must remain sheathed. Additionally, it must be possible for peace-bonding staff to securely zip-tie the prop into its sheath so that it may not be drawn. Ribbons, cloth, or tape wrapped around the blade do not qualify as sheaths.

Weapons should never be waved around in a manner that may be construed as use of the weapon (this is considered brandishing).

Gun props or other prop projectile weapons should not be pointed at anyone at any time. Prop pistols need to remain in a holster; prop rifles need to be slung. Permanently disabled cap guns and permanently disabled water guns are permissible.

Paddles (all varieties-including “yaoi paddles”) are not allowed.

Drawing a weapon in the convention space, including parking lots, may result in immediate revocation of convention membership. Keep in mind, police will assume all drawn weapons are functional, and will act accordingly. If you are unsure whether your weapon is acceptable in the convention space, please ask Sakura Attendee Services personnel or ask at the Convention Office.

Exotic weapons will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Do not bring weapons that Sakura Attendee Services cannot tell are fake from ten feet away.

No functioning or previously functioning projectile weapons, or functional portion thereof, including, but not limited to, Air Soft, Nerf, or pellet guns will be allowed.

Bows: All props designed to represent a stringed weapon must be unstrung, regardless of the manner in which they were constructed. ‘Unstrung’ means that no length of cord, string, rope, or other flexible material may be connected from one limb of the prop to the other.

DD. Video Recording Policy

Video recording is restricted to specific events. Please see event descriptions to see which events allow video recording. Video recording of Guests of Honor near their personal hotel rooms is prohibited.

EE. Lines.

See the current Convention Souvenir Guide for line policies.