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Thank you for wanting to volunteer for Sakura-Con! Please note, people call our volunteers “STAFF” but we are NOT paid, as per our bylaws. We are 100% volunteer-run at Sakura-Con.

There is no other way to volunteer but to become volunteer “staff”. So if you want to “volunteer” or “staff”, it’s all the same thing at Sakura-Con.

Also, by volunteering for Sakura-Con you become a voting member of ANCEA/Sakura-Con, and will be asked to participate in choosing how the event is run.

  1. How to become volunteer “staff” at Sakura-Con?
    First, read the general requirements for volunteer staffing below. Are you ok with the requirements?General requirements for all volunteer staff:

    • It is preferred that you are at least 18 years old. Some minors 16 and up are hired through director approval, but must observe the minor’s policy, including having a co-registered and attending adult.
    • You must agree to volunteer a minimum of 16 hours for the convention. Note that most volunteer more than 16 hours.
    • You must abide by all ANCEA/Sakura-Con bylaws and polices.
    • You must be responsible and show up for all required meetings and shifts as scheduled by your coordinator, manager or director.
    • NOTE that for most staffing positions you are required to be on site during the convention.
    • Volunteer Staffers are responsible for voting in Executive elections and other decisions related to the running of ANCEA/Sakura-Con.
    • Volunteer staff receive a staff t-shirt as far as supplies will allow, and complimentary staff membership registration.

    Please contact volunteers@sakuracon.org if you have any questions.

  2. Ready to apply? There are four paths you can take:
    1. Fill out an application: Soon, a volunteer application will be available for new volunteer staff for Sakura-Con – it will match you with hiring managers who will then email you to interview.
    2. Apply directly. Please see our Open Staff Positions and apply for a specific position now with hiring managers.
    3. Returning volunteer staff? Contact previous supervisors. If you are returning volunteer staff, please contact your previous year’s supervising Director if you wish to return to the same position.
    4. Come to a general meeting! Meetings are listed under “About Us”.

    Note: You are NOT hired until you are invited to register by a hiring manager and a director approves it. Applying is just the start!!

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