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Volunteer Staff Openings

Live Programming Manager Position

Programming is looking to fill the role of Live Programming Manager.  The ideal candidate will have several years experience volunteering for Sakuracon, have been a coordinator or assistant coordinator for at least one year and are familiar with the live programming department.  The main role of the Live Programming Manager is to support all live programming sub departments set goals, hire staff, communicate with other departments and help identify and solve problems that arise both before and during the convention.  If interested please send your resume, cover letter and the below questionnaire to programming@sakuracon.org by Friday, August 4th.

Live Programming Manager Questionnaire

  1. Describe the most challenging experience you have had leading a group of people and the experience you gained from it.

  2. Describe your management experience and how it will help you in the role as the Live Programming Manager.

  3. Describe a time when you have had to work with other groups or departments to complete a task and how you went about making sure all pieces of the task got accomplished.

  4. A coordinator has not hired enough staff and is not answering e-mails.  What approach would you take to resolve the situation and what measures would you take to make sure they stay in communication.