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Volunteer Staff Openings

Assistant Merchandising Exhibits Coordinator

The Sakura-Con Merchandise Team is looking for an assistant coordinator in our Exhibits Hall location.

The majority of the work as an assistant will be at con with pre-con training. The assistant coordinator is responsible for supervising staff in the absence of the coordinator or Manager. This role requires a willingness to be available and cover shifts in the event that staff do not show up. Ideal candidates should be eighteen years of age or older and have at least one year of experience as a team lead in a retail sales environment. Reports to Merchandising Exhibits Coordinator. If interested, please email merchandise@sakuracon.org.

Programming Department

Room Support Coordinator

Programming Administration is currently seeking an organized and communicative leader to join our management team as a Room Support Coordinator. This individual will manage a team of Room Moderators who ensure that room content begins and ends in a timely manner, attendees enter and exit the room appropriately, and that all convention rules and policies are adhered to in the room.

Room Support Coordinator Job Responsibilities:

  • Hire, train, and schedule ten to twenty Room Moderators
  • Oversee Room Moderator staff during the morning and early afternoon hours of Sakura-Con
  • Be the first point of management contact and solutions facilitator for the room content providers and attendees inside of rooms

Room Support Coordinator Job Requirements:

  • Be a good team player
    • Excellent verbal and written communication
    • Provide clear instruction to team members remotely
    • Comfortable providing leadership to staff while coordinating and negotiating with other management staff
    • Adapt to rapidly changing situations and think on your feet in a crisis
  • Maintain readiness during long periods of down time when things are slow
    • Availability by email consistently throughout the convention year
    • Availability for moderate to high work loads the last 6 weeks before the convention to hire and schedule staff
  • Previous leadership, Sakura-Con, or convention experience is preferred

Please email progadmin@sakuracon.org for any enquiries.

Room Moderator

The Programming Department is looking for Room Moderators to help the 2018 convention run smoothly! Room Moderators are the link between attendees, room content, and the rest of Sakura-Con staff. They ensure the smooth and safe operation of room content, uphold convention rules inside their room, act as a liaison between room content providers and the rest of Sakura-Con staff, and record basic information about the panels to ensure the Programming Department provides the best content year after year! Whereas some volunteer jobs take up valuable convention time, being a Room Moderator is awesome because it gives you a chance to watch panels while you volunteer!

Room Moderator Requirements:

  • Be responsible, helpful, and show up for all required meetings and shifts.
  • Be able to work a minimum of 16 hours during the convention.
  • Be comfortable talking with large numbers of people, problem solving in groups, and taking charge to resolve problems.
  • Be familiar (or be dedicated to becoming familiar) with the convention rules.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be physically capable of standing for long periods of time, and walking long distances.

For more information please email panelmods@sakuracon.org.

Prize Room Staff

The Programming Department is looking for volunteers to staff the prize room. The prize room is a fun, magical land of merch, and you get to hang out there and help panel winners pick their prizes! For more information about the position or to apply please email prizes@sakuracon.org.

Prize Room Requirements:

  • Help con attendees redeem prize coupons they’ve won at events
  • Be responsible, punctual, and show up for all shifts
  • Be cheerful and helpful with attendees and other convention staff
  • Keep the prize room clean and organized
  • Help with room set-up Friday morning and take-down Sunday evening
  • Customer service experience is a plus, but not required
  • Must be at least 18 years old

Line Entertainment Volunteers

Love making others smile? Enjoy meeting new people? Line Entertainment is the place for you! Join us as we make waiting in line just as fun as the panel inside.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Must be 18+ years old
  • Volunteer for at least 16 hours during the convention.
  • Be responsible, helpful, and show up for all required meetings and shifts.
  • The perfect person for this position is creative, comfortable being in front of crowds, and sociable.
  • Must be physically capable of standing for long periods of time and walking long distances.
  • Possess great communication skills and demonstrate respect when interacting with attendees and other convention staff.
Questions? Comments? Quemments?
For more information email: Line.Entertainment@Sakuracon.org

Souvenir Guide Coordinator (conbook)

This Coordinator creates a published convention guide for use by Sakura-Con Attendees. Part of creating this publication involves the coordination of content from various Sakura-Con departments.This requires creating a format for receiving these files (dropbox has worked well) and communicating with the teams regarding process, deadlines and proofing. Finally, the Souvenir Guide Coordinator must hire and support some general support staff positions, such as copy editors and an assistant. Duties also include general publication support from time to time.


  • Graphic Design experience and/or education is required.
  • Expertise in Adobe Suite and access to the programs needed for this project is required (or the ability to get it).
  • The ability to check email at least once a day is required, and the ability to reply promptly (48-72 hours).
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work positively, with a “customer service” attitude with other volunteers
  • Leadership experience
To apply, please email publicity@sakuracon.org and include a resume and examples of your graphic design and publishing work.

Arts and Crafts

Sakura-con’s Arts and Crafts department is currently seeking outgoing, crafty individuals to fill out our ranks for the upcoming 2018 convention!  This entry level position is a great chance to learn about and demonstrate traditional Japanese crafts such as origami, shibori (fabric dying), kanzashi (fabric folding) and more!

Arts and Crafts Staff Requirements:

  • Aged 16 years (with a guardian on premises) or older by the start of the convention.
  • Work at least 16 hours over the course of the convention, including a mandatory training meeting on Thursday, March 29th at 7 PM.
  • Be on time to all assigned shifts.
  • Be comfortable with instructing attendees and guiding them through crafts. (You’ll be trained!)
  • Be polite, thoughtful, and comfortable around younger attendees.

Customer service experience is a plus! Knowledge of crafting is not required, but definitely a bonus!

Are you a knitter, writer, illustrator? Free craft time means you too can bring out your own projects when attendees don’t require assistance!

Are you interested? Of course you are! Contact arts.and.crafts@sakuracon.org for more information or to apply!

SAS Openings

Sakura Attendee Services is currently looking for volunteers age 18 and older in the following areas:

Floor Staff:

Floor staff are responsible for patrolling the floors of the convention center and will be interacting with our attendees and convention center staff to provide policy monitoring and crowd control.

Line Control Staff:

Responsible for managing the lines for panel rooms and assisting with autograph lines.

Package Check Staff:

Responsible for checking in and storing packages and props during certain Main Events.

SAS Office Staff:

Tracks SAS radio sign outs, SAS staff hours, and assists operations dispatch in contacting SAS. Also assists with creation of Incident Reports when needed.

Lost and Found Staff:

Responsible for the tracking, storage and return of items lost during the convention.

Peace Bonding Staff:

Responsible for manning the peace-bonding booths during the hours that Registration and the Exhibitor’s Hall are open. Peace bonding staff ensure that all weapon props comply with convention policy and maintain the peace bonding contracts.

Events Staff:

Responsible for crowd control and policy monitoring during all main events and dances.

All staff are required to volunteer a minimum of 16 hours during the convention. To apply, please contact SAS@sakuracon.org with the following information filled out:



Email Address:

Primary position for consideration:

Additional positions you’d be interested in:

Years of experience in SAS:

Years of experience as convention staff:

Any additional experience that would be relevant:

Any additional comments:

Age at time of convention:

Event Photographers

If you agree to become a Volunteer member of Sakura-con’s Event Photography Staff, you agree with the terms below:

1) Photo rights will be equally shared with Sakura-Con: You are able to use all your photographed images as you wish, and Sakura-Con has the right to use all images as they wish.

2) You must provide copies of all your original (or lightly edited) photos taken at Sakura-Con, to Sakura-Con for the archives. This is done by: handing them off during convention, or by getting them to me, Aleeza McCant (the photography coordinator) within the week after convention.

3) Sakura-Con is a non-profit organization: the photos you send to Sakura-Con for its use must not contain a watermark of any kind. Sakura-Con cannot use watermarked images. (You may watermark your own copies of your images for your own personal use.)

4) You agree to shoot the events and/or subjects you are scheduled for. (You will have an opportunity to give your availability and input on this manner when the con gets closer and the 2018 schedule becomes available.)

5) All other Sakura-Con membership policies apply; click link to see policies: http://sakuracon.org/about-us/policies/

If you’re interested please email Aleeza with a photo portfolio link of your best event work. If possible, include a reference as well.

*Please note, must be at least 18 years of age.

Email information to: photography@sakuracon.org
Subject line: Sakura-Con 2017 Photography
Please Include the following…

*Full name (first and last):
*Current email address:
*Phone number:
*Portfolio link or link to examples of your work:

Please share this post link with anyone you think may be interested in this position. Thank you!
Applications will be accepted until Feb 9th, 2017*
(We will review all applications. We will provide notice of acceptance on or by Feb 19th, 2018)
(The attached images are optional to use. )


Registration Line Control Staff:

Multiple positions available.

Registration Line Control staff are our feet on the ground to help keep our Registration lines running smoothly. From load-balancing lines to answering questions, if you enjoy a quick-paced and adaptive environment, this position is for you. The majority of this position will require you to be on your feet for extended periods of time, however, we can accommodate special needs as necessary, with advance notice. Applicants must be friendly but loud when required. Be ready to adjust to a dynamic environment and be ready to think on your feet. Please contact Membership@sakuracon.org  if you are interested in staffing for this position.

Registration Development Staff:

Multiple positions available.

The Registration Development Team is looking for web developers, designers, technical writers, and project managers to help build and maintain the Sakura-Con registration software system, and other internal software for Membership.  This person will be involved in helping develop software that extends from the member application portal, through the core systems that process attendees, and out to metrics and monitoring tools.  Development staff participate in all aspects of the development process including planning, design, implementation, and support.  This is an opportunity to gain practical software engineering experience, or add to your portfolio.  Prior experience with any of the following is a plus:  JavaScript, SQL, Python, or the Django Web Framework.  Please contact Membership@sakuracon.org if you are interested in this position.

Registration Staff:

Registration is always looking for more general staff. As the first contact with most attendees, customer service is paramount to being a successful Reg staffer. Previous computer skills, cash handling skills, and extensive customer service skills are a must. However, we do have a few positions available for clerical work as well. Please contact Registration@sakuracon.org if you are interested in this position. This position requires you to be 18 years old or older.