Li Kovacs

Li, an award-winning cosplayer based in the Pacific Northwest, boasts an impressive journey of over 25 years in costume creation, having crafted her first full costume with props and latex prosthetics back in 1998. This early endeavor marked the beginning of a prolific career that has seen her earn multiple awards for craftsmanship, performance, and Best in Show. Her exceptional skills have not only captured attention across the United States but have also earned her invitations from cons in Canada, Mexico, and Europe, showcasing her international renown. Over the past decade, Li has also shared her extensive knowledge and passion for cosplay by serving as a judge in competitions, further cementing her status in the cosplay community.

Her collaborations with major gaming companies, such as Nintendo, Platinum Games, and Blizzard, have allowed her to bring some of the most iconic characters to life, including Link, Princess Zelda, Pit and more. A devoted fan of Nintendo and The Legend of Zelda series, Li’s portfolio predominantly showcases her love for these franchises. She finds immense joy in the creative process involved in cosplay, from experimenting with different materials for costumes, props, and wigs, to the final stages of bringing a character to life.

When she steps away from her cosplay endeavors, Li finds solace and inspiration in the great outdoors and her creative pursuits. She is an avid landscape painter and hiker, finds comfort in snuggling with her pup, and unwinds by playing video games.

Reflecting on her journey, Li fondly remembers her first Sakuracon in 2006, a moment that anchored her in the PNW cosplay scene. A regular attendee since 2013, she steps into a new role this year as a judge, ready to inspire and be inspired by the next generation of cosplayers.