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Isao Machii

Sakura Con 2017 presents Isao Machii, a sword master from Kawanishi, Japan.

With decades of training in the art of the sword, Mr. Machii is the master and founder of Shuushinryu Iai-Jutsu Hyouhou (the Art of Samurai Sword Technique of the Mastering Mind). He is also proficient in the spear, long sword, shuriken (dart) and is also proficient in archery.

Mr. Machii holds a number of Guiness World Records, including “Most cuts to one mat (suegiri)”, “Fastest 1,000 sword cuts”, “Most sword cuts to straw mats in 3 minutes”,¬†and “Fastest tennis ball (820 km/hr) cut by sword”. Mr. Machii will be sharing his experience and expertise as a sword master this April at Sakura Con.