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Sakura-Con’s participating hotels will strictly enforce the following occupancy requirements:

Rooms with one bed: Maximum of 2 guests
Rooms with two beds: Maximum of 4 guests

As members of Sakura-Con, all attendees are expected to honor Sakura-Con policies. Room stuffing is strictly not condoned or endorsed by Sakura-Con. It violates fire codes, puts undue burden on hotel staff and significantly impacts our relationships with our participating hotels. Should you be caught with unauthorized individuals staying in your room you will be liable for the full NON DISCOUNTED hotel fees for everyone in the room. If you have special circumstances you’d like considered (i.e.: an infant in your party) contact the Orchid Event Solutions directly at the email address listed below to discuss the circumstances.

Please note that no hotel rates or fees are paid until the dates of stay (typically upon checking out); reserving a room early does not result in any charge.

Sakura-Con Partner Hotel Rates are available exclusively through Passkey, an online housing service of the Orchid Event Solutions.

The Orchid Event Solutions will be your primary contact for questions concerning the specifics of your booking, including the cost of your room. The Orchid Event Solutions can be reached via email at help@orchid.events.

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I accept the terms and conditions stated above.

I accept the terms and conditions stated above.