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Tyler King

Hi there!

My name is Tyler King, and I’m hoping to be elected as Sakura-con’s Vice Chair. I’ve been in the US Air Force for 11 years, and attending anime conventions for 15; some of the most important experiences I’ve had stemmed from anime conventions, and I wish to make the best possible environment so future anime fans can experience their formative moments at cons too.

I’ve been involved in the local anime fandom community for 6 years, coordinating and participating in various events in AEGIS (Anime Eastside Games In Stuff) and managing a 16 thousand strong anime convention fan group (Anime Expo Fans).

Previous Anime Convention Volunteering experience

2007- Anizona
2008- Anime Expo (Volunteer)
2009- Anime Expo (Volunteer)
2010- Anime Expo (Live Programming/AV)
2011- Anime Expo (Live Programming/AV)
2012- Anime Expo (Information Technology)
2013- Sakura-con (Section 9)
2018- Sakura-con (Panel Moderation)


The position of Vice Chair has many responsibilities, but also can enable making pushes towards many goals. My main focus is to improve and grow Sakura-con through these three main tenets:

Attendee Experience: Diversify content presented by tending to the diversity of our audience, enhancing the enjoyment for wide varieties of tastes (Adult, cosplay, gaming, etc), and more clearly communicating what rights they have as attendees (If not outright granting them more).

Staff Effectiveness: Re-analyze how departments synergize with the rest of their directorate, and if needed, re-organize various groups more in line to who they need to liaise with.

Staff Morale: The people who will be the ones executing the previous two tenets will be the staff, and they will need to not be hungry, tired, or otherwise not on top of their game in order to do that. I intend to integrate some level of redundancy for positions to eliminate single points of failure and provide the best support possible.

Thanks for your consideration.