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Brenton “Doc” Maynard

My name is Brenton “Doc” Maynard, and I am Sakura-Con’s current Director of Programming. I have been attending Sakura-Con since 2000 and have been part of ANCEA’s volunteer staff since 2002.

In the last 16 years I have held a variety of positions throughout different departments within the convention, including most recently:

A/V Manager, 2009-2010
Assistant Director of Operations, 2011
Facilities Liaison, 2012
Director of Operations, 2013-2016
Director of Programming, 2017-2018

In my time on the board of directors and as a manager, I have learned that the keys to leading a successful team, whether it’s a team of ten or a team of several hundred, is helping my managers and coordinators feel empowered to run their teams and work towards their vision for the convention, offering support and guidance as needed but without overbearance, and facilitating communication with other departments.

Communication in particular has been a focus of mine since being elected as Director of Programming. Working to improve effective inter- and intra-department communication has allowed Programming to interface more smoothly with other departments and reduced the incidence of unexpected and emergency situations.

If I am re-elected, I will continue leading Programming by the principles I’ve outlined while working with my managers and coordinators to continue growing and improving not just Programming as a department, but Sakura-Con as a whole.

Thank you for your consideration.