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Each year Sakura-con hosts a variety of contests. We accept a wide range of participants, from first time artists to professionals, as long as you’re a registered member. There are a variety of prizes and categories, and room for everyone to compete. Many of these contests require entry deadlines prior to the convention, so check for updates!

AMV Contest

Sakura-Con’s AMV contest is an event for fans to showcase their creative talents in the form of music videos. The Contest is open to anyone, be they amateur or professional. Attendance is not required, but is strongly encouraged.

Contest for Opening Ceremonies Video

Your entry could be featured in our Opening Ceremony! Creators of the winning entry will be awarded 2 complimentary memberships.

Cosplay Contest

Sakura-Con 2020 Cosplay Contest Official Rules

Extremely Hard Take-Home Anime Quiz

Updates for Sakura-Con 2020 are coming soon!

Karaoke Contest

Sakura Con Idol 2020   Sakura-Con's 2020 Karaoke Contest is a two-part karaoke idol contest. You must have a badge to attend Sakura-Con both Friday and Saturday to participate in this contest. Please read all of the rules carefully before signing up as they have changed significantly. For tips to get you ready for the contest, watch this short video: Karaoke Contest Tips To view our SongBook, visit this page: Karaoke SongBook

Mascot Contest

Updates for Sakura-Con 2020 are coming soon!

Mecha Modeling

Come visit the Mecha Modeling Room (214) for open build time, skill building and tutorials (check the programming schedule), and a Mecha Building Contest! The room will be open Friday from 10am to midnight, Saturday from 9am to midnight, and Sunday...

Scavenger Hunt

Updates for Sakura-Con 2020 are coming soon!