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Hiroshi Nagahama

Hiroshi Nagahama began his career in 1989 with “Yawara!” from Madhouse. US fans may know him best as the Director of Mushishi, the Assistant Director of Fruits Basket, and for his design work on Revolutionary Girl Utena and the Cockpit, along with many more.

His favorite manga creators are Kazuo Umezu, Daijiro Morohoshi, and Go Nagai. Among comic book creators, he is a fan of Jack Kirby, Jon Lomita, Jean Coulan, David Matsukelly, Mike Miniola, Bill Sinkevitch, Kent Williams, and Greg Capro. His favorite comic hero is Daredevil. His favorite non-Japanese dramas include Doctor Who and The Mentalist. Nagahama-san’s hobby is collecting American action figures from series such as Secret Wars, Super Powers, HE-MAN, and others.

“The Reflection,” a collaborative anime co-created by Hiroshi Nagahama and Stan Lee, is slated for a 2017 release.