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Art Show FAQ

Frequently asked questions.

1.0 | What is Art Show?

Art Show is a venue for Artists of all skill levels and styles to showcase their artist creations and expressions during the annual Sakura-Con Convention at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA..

1.1 | What is the difference between Art Show and Artist Alley?

Art Show is a venue designed primarily for Artists to showcase unique creations, displayed on a grid or on a table. Art in the Art Show can be for display only or to be sold in a Silent Auction format (with a Direct Buy option, to be utilized at the Artist’s discretion).

Artist Alley is a venue for Artists to sell multiple pieces of art, typically referred to as prints (though not exclusively so). Artist Alley also requires Artists to have someone manning their Artist Alley booth at all times, whereas Art Show does not have this requirement.

2.0 | What type of Art can I show at the Art Show?

Art Show accepts all types and styles of Art. Most Artists who showcase in Art Show have paintings, sketches, digital prints, watercolors, or other types of Art that can be displayed in a frame or on a canvas and hung on a wall. However, we also accept sculptures, crafts, and other three-dimensional art.

2.1 | What type of Art does Art Show not accept?

Art Show does not allow or accept Art that can be deemed offensive, rude, or vulgar. The Art Show Manager or Coordinator will determine if submitted Art is acceptable for Art Show.

2.2 | Do you accept fan art?

Art Show accepts all kinds of Art, as long as the Art is a unique piece of work that was made solely by the Artist.

2.3 | Do you accept Art with nudity or sexually explicit themes?

While we appreciate all types and styles of Art, and fully believe that Art can include nudity or sexual themes, Sakura-Con’s Art Show is catered to all ages, and our guests include very young children. For this reason, we exclude Art with nudity or sexually explicit themes. If you have a question regarding this, please contact the Art Show Coordinator or Manager, and they can help determine whether your Art submission is appropriate.

3.0 | How do I sign up?

To sign up for Art Show, you have to email the Art Show Manager or the Art Show Coordinator at artshow@sakuracon.org. The Art Show Manager or Coordinator will follow up with you and take your reservation space request. If there is space available and your Art Submission is considered valid for Art Show, they will set space aside for you.

Art Show reserves the right to refuse reservation space to Art not deemed acceptable according to Sakura-Con and Art Show Rules and Regulations. (Please see the Art Show Contract for more information.)

3.1 | Is there an online Art Show reservation or sign up page?

Art Show does not currently have an online reservation page and will not likely have one for the foreseeable future. In order to assure that Art submitted to Art Show fits within the Art Show Guidelines, the Art Show Manager and Coordinator have to evaluate submitted art on a one-on-one basis.

3.2 | What is the deadline for signing up for Art Show?

There are two deadlines for Art Show sign-ups. During the first phase of Art Show sign-up, potential Artists may request no more than three spaces within the Art Show due to the high volume of requests. This first sign-up phase ends approximately two months before the start of Sakura-Con. During the second sign-up phase, if there is still space available in Art Show, Artists may request additional space. (Additional reservation space will be granted at the discretion of the Art Show Manager.) The second sign-up phase ends one week before the Convention.

If there is space available at the start of the Convention, Artists may still request space. At this point, space will be granted at the discretion of the Art Show Manager.

4.0 | What type of space am I reserving in Art Show?

Art Show offers two different types of space reservations. One type is a grid wall and allows for hanging Art. The second type is a table space and allows for Art to be rested on the table.

4.1 | How big are the grids and tables?

The grids measure four feet wide by eight feet tall. The tables measure six feet long by eighteen inches wide. (Table measurements are subject to change based on the availability of tables provided by the Washington State Convention Center.)

4.2 | How much do the grids/tables cost?

Grids and tables are both considered ‘space.’ The first space reservation costs $10. Additional spaces cost $15.

4.3 | How many grids and/or tables do you have available?

The number of grids/tables available changes from year to year. This is why we initially limit the number of spaces available to reserve to three.

5.0 | Can I still participate if I am not physically there?

We ask that Artists interested in participating in Art Show purchase Sakura-Con membership for that year. If you are not able to be to present, you can have someone act as your Agent and handle the setting up and taking down of your Art.

5.1 | What is an Agent?

An Agent acts as your proxy during the Art Show. An Agent is a person that has a Sakura-Con membership for the year, and is available to be physically present to set up and take down your Art.

5.2 | Can I have Art Show staff be my Agent?

While Art Show staff can Agent for Artists, it is up to the discretion of the Art Show Staffer. They are under no obligation to act as an Agent for any Artist.