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COVID-19 Safety – Updated for 2023!


Testing Resources

Sakura-Con’s most important focus has always been on the health and safety of our staff, attendees, and guests, and as such here are our Covid-19 guidelines for our Staff. Our requirements are subject to change up until the convention.

In order to be a volunteer Staff member for Sakura-Con 2023, we are requiring proof of full vaccination (completed Pfizer series, completed Moderna series, or Single Johnson & Johnson) plus one booster shot. Proof of negative Covid-19 test WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

In order to obtain your staff badge, you will need to either upload proof of vaccination into CERVIS and/or show it on site at Membership Office during badge pickup. Medical exemptions will be made at your Director’s discretion and are not guaranteed.

As a convention that focuses heavily on our attendees, we have been working hard to make Sakura-Con 2023 the safest event for everyone. Our safety precautions are an ongoing conversation involving our venue, local guidance, and the conditions of the pandemic. Our requirements are subject to change up until the convention.

  • All attendees age 5 and over must either provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination, or proof of a laboratory-issued negative test no more than 72 hours old at the time of Registration badge pickup.
  • Vaccination cards and laboratory-issued negative test results must match the government-issued photo ID.
  • All attendees age 2 and over must wear facial coverings in convention space, except in designated eating areas while eating or drinking.
  • Facial coverings must completely cover the nose and mouth and must attach to the head with a strap. Facial coverings that are not allowed include (but are not limited to): any masks with an exhalation valve, bandanas, mesh materials, masks with excessive holes or damage, face shields without a mask, and neck gaiters.
  • Facial coverings must be visible. Attendees may not wear a costume such as a head covering that prevents anyone from seeing that the facial covering requirement is being followed.
  • The facial covering requirement applies in all locations in the Washington State Convention Center except designated eating areas while eating or drinking, and in all event rooms and event hallways within the hotels.

Testing Resources

While we encourage everyone to get vaccinated, we know not everyone will be able to do so. To help you find the least expensive way to get tested if you are not able to be vaccinated, we have a list of places that we’ve been told offer testing for free:

This is not a comprehensive list, and more options can be found using the state COVID-19 test locator sites below:

Do you have questions?

We know there will be questions, and we have tried to predict some of those questions below. You can ask questions about anything, even if it doesn’t have to do with this announcement. The world has been ever changing, and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to get updated, stay updated, and be clear on our guidelines going into this year’s event.


Q: What is considered fully vaccinated?
A: To meet Sakura-Con’s vaccination requirement, you must present proof of having received the final dose of your vaccine (i.e., second dose for two-dose vaccines or single dose for one-dose vaccines) at least two weeks prior to picking up your badge.

Q: The state dropped the mask and vaccine check requirements, why are you still requiring it?

A: Sakura-Con cares deeply for the health and safety of our community. As such we are still requiring masks to be worn on site during all events and that all attendees present either a completed vaccination record (i.e., two doses of Pfizer or Maderna or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson) or a negative COVID-19 test when picking up their badge. If you are found without a mask outside of a designated eating area, you will be subject to the “three strikes” policy and your badge will be marked.

Q: I have an at-home test, will you accept those results? What about a test that was mailed to me?

A: No, we will not be accepting tests that are not conducted by a medical professional in a doctor’s office, testing site, pharmacy, or similar medical facility. Rapid tests are accepted but must be performed by a medical professional and the results must be laboratory issued.

Q: How old can my COVID-19 test results be? When should I get tested?

A: Per our current protocols, results must be within 72 hours of arriving at Sakura-Con. For example if you plan on arriving on the 7th, please make sure you are tested on or after April 4.

Q: Do I have to get a test every day?

A: You do not need to be tested each day of Sakura-Con. You will only need to present your negative COVID-19 test upon picking up your badge, whatever day that may be.

Q: My child/attending minor is too young to be vaccinated and/or cannot be vaccinated, do they have to be tested?

A: All attendees aged 5 and over must show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. If you are attending with a minor who cannot be vaccinated you must provide a negative COVID-19 test. No exceptions.

Q: Can I show digital proof of vaccination or a photo of my vaccination card?

A: We understand that some may be worried about their card getting lost at Sakura-Con or no longer have access to their physical card. We will be accepting photos of the official vaccination card or digital proof from an online database, though we highly recommend you bring and present your physical card.

Q: Will masks be required during the dances (masquerade and raves)?

A: Yes, masks will be required at all times during the convention with no exceptions (except for in designated eating areas). If you remove your mask outside those areas, you will be subject to the “three strikes” policy and your badge will be marked.

Q: Can I take my mask off for photos?
A: There is no exception to our facial-covering requirements even for photography poses. If you remove your mask at any time outside a designated eating area, you will be subject to the “three strikes” policy and your badge will be marked.

Q: I have a headpiece, helmet, or other full-head covering as part of my costume. Can I wear this? If not, can I put it on temporarily for photos?
A: You may only wear such full-head coverings if it does not prevent staff from seeing that you are following the facial-covering requirements. You may wear your headpiece over your properly worn mask for a photo, but you must remove your headpiece once the photo has been taken.

For any further questions please contact info@sakuracon.org.

*ANCEA/Sakura-Con can and will not be held responsible for anyone contracting the Covid-19 virus before, during or after our event. Thank you to Kumoricon for the time and effort they put into their thorough Covid-19 guidelines, which served as the basis for our own