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Musical Guest Announcement: Miliyah Kato

Known as “the charismatic leader of Japanese high school girls,” Miliyah Kato used to “hate adults” when she started her career during her teens. Her debut single in 2004 was “Never Let Go / Yozora”.

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RPG Game Masters Wanted

RPG Game Masters Wanted: If you are a registered member of Sakura-Con 2017, or plan to be, and interested in running any games at Sakura Con this year; please contact gaming@sakuracon.org

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Panels Submissions Extension

Surprise! Panels Submissions are being extended through the end of this week! Don’t miss your chance to host a panel at Sakura-Con 2017. Submissions will close on February 17th.

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Guest Announcement: Chikashi Kubota

Sakura-Con presents Chikashi Kubota as our Guest of Honor! Chikashi Kubota is an artist, designer and animation director, known for work on One Punch Man, Space Dandy and more!

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Cosplay and Skit Contest Applications are now Open

Applications for Sakura-Con 2017 Cosplay contests are now open, both Skit and Costume! Please visit our contests page for more information http://sakuracon.org/programming/contests/  Please direct your questions to cosplay@sakuracon.org

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Guest Announcement: Illustrator Shiki Douji

Sakura-Con is proud to present Shiki Douji as a guest of honor for our 20th Anniversary! Shiki Douji is a prolific character designer and illustrator known best for the Full Metal Panic! series of manga, light novels, TV, and OAV.

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