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Staff Elections

ANCEA/Sakura-Con Nominations are Open for 2019  Executive Board PositionsThe nominees are as follows:

Vice Chair
Tom Allmendinger
Tyler King

Renee Naddeo

Director of Membership
Annastasia Gallaher

Director of Operations
Mitchel Brackett

Director of Programming
Brenton “Doc” Maynard
Lauren Noble

To nominate (and second), ask questions about the voting process or ask candidates questions, please email Secretary@sakuracon.org and Chair@sakuracon.org.

Every effort will be made to pass questions along promptly.

Elections will be held on April 22nd, at 1:00pm. Voting Members (volunteer staff) can visit the staff site for full details and to RSVP (elections meeting is not open to public). A notice will also be sent to the email they used when registering as a volunteer staffer as a courtesy.