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Staff Openings


Hello all potential staff members, the Operations department of Sakura-Con is looking for volunteers! Not only will you get a free staff membership and avoid those registration lines, but you will directly contribute to helping do what it takes to make the convention run smoothly. We have multiple positions open which are as follows:

Audio / Visual (A/V)

The Operations department is looking for an Audio / Video Manager who take care of all our A/V related needs for our panel, theater, and game rooms. You will be in charge of overseeing several teams to help plan, setup, and monitor these rooms during the entire convention and make sure any and all problems or tech requests for those rooms are handled quickly and efficiently. You will be working with multiple other departments in the organization to make sure that we have everything needed for all panelists and guests. We are looking for someone who has at least 2 years experience volunteering for the convention and at least 1 year at the coordinator level. You need to have experience working with more complex Audio and Visual gear, like multiple channel mixing boards and large venue projectors. If interested please send mail to ASAP.

To express interest in staffing for Operations, please contact


Assistant Miniatures Coordinator

Miniature/Table Top Gaming Room is looking to fill the Assistant Miniatures Coordinator position this year. We are willing to work with scheduling both for personal convention time and possible gaming events you might wish to bring.

Main duties include:

  • Answer questions, pass out participation raffle tickets, and showcase, possibly demo various Miniature and/or Board games to attendees.
  • Watch over gaming material and terrain for both Miniature/Tabletop gaming and those of guest demonstrators.
  • Help setup and teardown the Miniature/Tabletop room.


  • Previous experience with Asian/anime/video game themed skirmish level miniature gaming (Malfaux, Anima: Tactic, Relic Knights, Robotech RPG Tactics) or board games (Super Dungeon Explore, Krosmaster: Arena, Tsuro) is preferred but not required.
  • Comfortable talking to people, polite and helpful.
  • Over 18yrs as we are going to be running the Miniature/Tabletop room 24hrs.
  • To Apply: Please contact with subject Assistant Miniatures Coordinator.

Panel Moderators

The Programming Department is looking for several Panel Moderators to help the 2015 convention run smoothly! Panel Moderators are the link between the panelists and the Programming Department. They support the panelists, help with line control, uphold convention rules, and record basic information about the panels to provide the best content year after year!

Panel Moderator Requirements/Duties include:

  • Providing quality assurance while attending panels.
  • Be responsible, helpful, and show up for all required meetings and shifts.
  • Be able to work 16-18 hours during the convention.
  • Be comfortable talking to people and working with attendees, guests or panelists.
  • Be familiar (or be dedicated to becoming familiar) with the convention rules.
At least one year of con volunteer experience is preferred, but not required.

For more information please email

To express interest in staffing for Programming, please contact


SAS is now accepting applications for the following positions for Sakura-Con 2015:

Floor staff: Handles policy enforcement, crowd control, and general customer service out on the main convention floors

Office Staff: Handles filing of incident reports, after-hours peace-bonding, checking SAS staff in and out of their shifts, and radio/nextel distribution.

Please email to apply!

Public Relations Liaisons

Are you good with people? This may be for you! Looking for highly adaptable people to work with Cultural guests and groups attending con.

Duties may include but not limited too: Helping groups check into and around con and helping set up/tear down special needs for panels or presentations.

Requirements: Adaptability and good people skills, prefer one year or more con attendance or staffing- not required though. Must be 18 or older.

Please contact for more information and to apply.

Reception Staff

Reception is looking for staffers. Reception is the front desk for the convention main offices. Reception's main purpose is to help staff and attendees alike to find the information or resources they need to answer their questions.

This position requires good customer service skills, a calm head, and the ability to solve problems. Customers service experience and prior Sakura-Con attendance are strongly preferred.

If you are interested please send a short resume to and fill out the following form:

  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Age:
  • Primary E-Mail Address:
  • Are you available for Sakura-Con Staff Meetings? list of meetings here.
  • Are you planning to be at the convention on Thursday?

To express interest in staffing for Publicity, please contact



If you have experience with cashiering or comptroller experience, please contact the membership director directly for more information about this position at Membership.

Membership Office Staff

Three positions open.

Membership is looking for people to help staff the Membership office. You would be responsible for distributing volunteer badges, replacing lost volunteer and/or attendee badges, and other secretarial duties for the Membership department. If you are interested in this position, please contact Membership. This position requires you to be 18 years old or older.

Registration Shift Coordinator

Membership is looking for Registration shift coordinators to act as shift leads for various shifts in the registration area. You would be responsible for working with the Registration Manager and Assistant Manager, overseeing the registration employees on each shift. Some management or registration experience preferred. If you are interested in this position, please contact This position requires you to be 18 years old or older.

Registration Staff

Registration is always looking for more general staff. As the first contact with most attendees, customer service is paramount to being a successful Reg staffer. Previous computer skills, cash handling skills, and extensive customer service skills are a must. However, we do have a few positions available for clerical work as well. Please contact if you are interested in this position. This position requires you to be 18 years old or older.

Registration Line Control Staff

Multiple positions available.

Registration Line Control staff are our feet on the ground to help keep our Registration lines running smoothly. From load-balancing lines to answering questions, if you enjoy a quick-paced and adaptive environment, this position is for you. The majority of this position will require you to be on your feet for extended periods of time, however, we can accommodate special needs as necessary, with advance notice. Applicants must be friendly but loud when required. Be ready to adjust to a dynamic environment and be ready to think on your feet. Please contact Membership if you are interested in staffing for this position.

Registration Development Staff

Limited openings.

The Registration Development Team is looking for web developers, designers, technical writers, and project managers to help build and maintain the Sakura-Con registration software system. This person will be involved in helping develop software that extends from the member application portal, through the core systems that process attendees, and out to metrics and monitoring tools. Development staff participate in all aspects of the development process including planning, design, implementation, and support. This is an opportunity to gain practical software engineering experience, or add to your portfolio. Prior experience with any of the following is a plus: JavaScript, SQL, Python, or the Django Web Framework. Please contact if you are interested in this position.

Registration Systems Coordinator

1 opening

This coordinator position is for a system administrator to ensure that the Sakura-Con registration servers are maintained and properly configured for the next-year's convention. Responsibilities include: building, maintaining, and deploying Linux virtual machines; updating OS and application software for thin-pc clients; designing and configuring the IP deployment schema for the registration system network; interfacing with IT to ensure successful equipment deployment. This position calls for year-round commitment to ensure that all systems are fully functional. Must have a strong technical background and Linux practical experience. Familiarity with VMware products and DRBL is preferred. Candidates should have a desire and willingness to work in a collaborative, innovative, flexible and team-oriented environment. Please contact if you are interested in this position.

To express interest in staffing for Membership, please contact

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