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Example: "My panel is about cosplay on a budget. Myself and my co-host will be at the front telling the audience about the different ways we've found to make cosplay more affordable. We will be showing off our FFX Yuna costume as an example of cheap, but not cheap looking, cosplay. We will then take questions at the end of the panel."

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note: Outside of extremely special circumstances (such as Speed Dating), the layout of the panel rooms cannot be changed. As always, Special Setup or Special Tech cannot be promised; we will do our best.

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*note: permission from Coordinator is
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Example 1: I am not staying in a hotel so I will not be at con until 11am everyday and have to catch the last bus at 1am.
Example 2: I am hopefully participating in Cosplay Chess.
Example 3: I go to the Star Wars panels every year and I don't want to miss them!

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