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(Please note that this page is an edit of 2014 information and may have incorrect details for the 2015 Ball; please check back for updates without this opening caveat.)

Sakura-Con Masquerade Ball 2015

Masquerade Ball Hosts needed

Friday evening, be swept away, out of this century! The great dragon Ryujin invites you to his palace for a masquerade ball of magnificence, The great-grandfather of the first emperor of Japan holds this Ball once every 100 years! This year he invites the good attendees of Sakura-con. Dress code strictly enforced; we don't want to end up like the poor jellyfish.

Come for a night of excitement and thrills as this year's Sakura-Con Masquerade Ball 2015. An instructional ballroom dance-panel will be held before the dance so that you can be sure to start the night off on the right foot. No dance partner is required! Just a willingness to meet new people and to have fun!

Sakura-Con Masquerade Ball Dress Code

Remember, the Masquerade Ball is Sakura-Con's premier formal event. Be sure to dress to impress! Adherence to the following dress code is mandatory.

Attire: (Note that any cross-dressing still must adhere to the dress code)





Cosplay is accepted, but the dress code will still apply to all cosplay for entry.


Please note that masks are required for the entire length of the event, from entry until the demasking before the end of the ball.


Remember that staff can make any final determination on attire at any time during the ball, no exceptions.

If you have any questions concerning the dress code, please e-mail

Sakura-Con Masquerade Ball Rules

The Masquerade Ball is a family friendly event and all Sakura-Con policies and guidelines are still in effect.

Please use common sense while in attendance at the Masquerade Ball.

If you are finding you are having a problem with someone while in attendance, please locate a staff member and speak with them immediately.

As a formal event adherence to the dress code for Sakura-Con's Masquerade Ball is mandatory.

Please have your Sakura-Con badge visible at all time.

Evaluation of behavior by Sakura-Con Attendee Services is on a case by case basis and if found to have broken any Sakura-Con policy and/or guideline may result in further action.

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