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Sakura-Con 2008
Mascot Contest Archive

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2008 Mascot Contest Winners
First Place
Artist: Echay Wang
Second Place
Artist: Kayla Mayer
Third Place
Artist: Alice Chien

2008 Mascot Contest Entries
01_submission.jpg 02_submission.jpg 03_submission.jpg 04_submission.jpg 05_submission.jpg
06_submission.jpg 07_submission.jpg 08_submission.jpg 09_submission.jpg 10_submission.jpg
11_submission.jpg 12_submission.jpg 13_submission.jpg 14_submission.jpg 15_submission.jpg
16_submission.jpg 17_submission.jpg 18_submission.jpg 19_submission.jpg 20_submission.jpg
21_submission.jpg 22_submission.jpg 23_submission.jpg 24_submission.jpg 25_submission.jpg
26_submission.jpg 27_submission.jpg 28_submission.jpg 29_submission.jpg 30_submission.jpg
31_submission.jpg 32_submission.jpg 33_submission.jpg 34_submission.jpg 35_submission.jpg
36_submission.jpg 37_submission.jpg 38_submission.jpg 39_submission.jpg 40_submission.jpg
41_submission.jpg 42_submission.jpg 43_submission.jpg    

round missing

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