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Sakura-Con 2015
Costume Contest Rules

  1. All entries will register under ONE of the following categories:

    • Novice: A group may compete in the Novice category as long as:
      • No member of the group has won any award.

    • Intermediate: A group may compete in the Intermediate category if:
      • Members of the group have not won more than three (3) total major awards in a cosplay/costume competition.
      • No member of the group has won any award above Intermediate level.

    • Masters: A group will be required to compete in Masters category if:
      • Members of the group have won more than three (3) total major awards in a cosplay/costume competition.
      • Any member of the group has won any award above Intermediate level.

    Judges reserve the right to adjust your category if they deem that your cosplay was entered at a level too far below or above the appropriate category.

  2. The Costume portion of the Cosplay Contest will be judged on craftsmanship, as well as factors including creativity and accuracy of the appropriate category.

  3. Participants must provide at least one color picture, preferably more, of each character for reference (black and white is acceptable for manga-based costumes, or where no color picture is available.) Images should be from official sources—screen caps, a manga page, or a piece of promotional art. It is recommended that images are full-length, and show both back and front of the character. Reference images must be e-mailed to before March 25, 2015. Failure to submit a reference picture may disqualify participants from judging—if the judge does not know what the costume is supposed to look like they cannot udge it completely.

  4. All costumes and props worn for judging must be homemade by either the model, or a non-professional friend or family member. All costume creators must submit at least 3 progress pictures to before March 25. All costume creators must be present for judging in the event questions arise. Costumes that have been purchased, rented, or commissioned are prohibited and will result in disqualification. Found item cosplays are allowed, however it is required that the contestant has made a minimum of 75% of the costume.

  5. All costumes must adhere to the Sakura-Con policies. No live steel, no functioning or previously functioning projectile weapons, no indecent exposure, etc... Sakura-Con Policies

  6. There will be music playing during your walk-on. If you wish to have your own music playing, you may provide an MP3 track at the time of submission. Audio for walk-ons is limited to 1 minute and 30 seconds, as this is the maximum amount of time allotted for each entrant. If you do not send an MP3 track, we will automatically select music to be played during your time on stage.

  7. There will be a maximum of 20 slots per category allowed to compete in the Costume Judging Contest. This may be subject to change depending on the time allotted for this Contest. An individual or a group takes up 1 slot.

  8. There is a maximum group limit of 7. If you enter as a group, you will be judged as a group.

  9. There will be a REQUIRED pre-meeting for the Cosplay Skit Contest and Cosplay Judging at the convention. Day and times will be posted in the Sakura-Con schedule guide. Failure to attend this required meeting will result in a disqualification.

  10. Entrants may not enter a costume that has won an award at a previous Sakura-Con, or that has won 2 or more awards at other conventions.

  11. Participants may enter both the Costume Contest and Skit Contest, but must enter each contest separately.

  12. All submissions are due by March 25, 2015, or until all spots have been filled.

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