Hylian Jean

Hylian Jean spent her youth in the rural woods of Alaska pretending to be a dragon. She taught herself to sculpt and sew, how to engineer on a budget, and nurtured a passion for costuming through her only outlet at the time: Halloween. After moving to Seattle 11 years ago, Jean was introduced to cosplay at conventions and found this to be a very fine outlet indeed.

Jean is dedicated to detail and loves to find the potential in humble materials. Out of her costuming work, she’s best known for her complex Legend of Zelda costumes: Zora queen Rutela and princess Ruto, a tentacled Majora’s Mask (and moon balloon), and her three year long project to finally make an actual dragon costume, which netted Best In Show at Sakura-Con 2016. Slightly shy herself, she loves when cosplay brings people out of their shells to be creative and make friends.


Emerald City Comic Con 2012, Steamcon IV Costume Contest 2012, Emerald City Comic Con 2014, PINK Cosplay Contest 2015, Poropalooza 2015, Sakura-Con 2016.