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Each year Sakura-con hosts a variety of contests, from Anime Music Video contests to the Fanfiction/Manga Contest! Anyone can enter from the first-time artists to the professional video editor as long as you're a registered member. There are a variety of prizes and categories, and room for everyone to compete. Many of these contests require entry deadlines prior to the convention, so check for updates!

  • AMV -- Create and submit your Anime Music Videos to our yearly contest!

  • Costume Contest -- Cosplay Costume Contest, show of your cosplay skills!

  • Opening Ceremony Contest -- Design the video that will be played at opening ceremonies!

  • Skit Contest -- Skits performed by fans in costume!

  • Karaoke -- a two-part Karaoke Idol Contest

  • Mascot Contest -- Design our mascot for next year!

  • Extremely Hard Take-Home Anime Quiz -- This is a multiple-choice, open-book, take-home quiz that begins on this site three weeks before the convention. (not yet open)

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