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Takeshi Kunitomo

Takeshi Kunitomo was born in Fukuoka in 1970 and graduated from the prestigious Tokyo Bunka Fashion School in 1991. After graduating he performed as a fashion model in Tokyo and Paris.

In 1993 he joined S-inc, and launched the “T.KUNITOMO” brand. Early T.KUNITOMO announced a collection of re-imagined American and French clothes. In the wake of encountering Indian and Southeast Asian materials and traditional handicrafts T.KUNITOMO announced a new unique collection, incorporating these influences, but also staying conscious of Japanese roots.

In 2003. Takeshi Kunitomo founded a new brand, called “GOUK” with the concept of Japan blended with the ethnic brand “kugo”. In 2011, he spun off the fashion division from S-inc. and became the president of KINCS.

Mr. Kunitomo works actively on developing young designers and on total fashion management.

Recent years have seen GOUK fashions featured in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, for example October 2015 and March 2016. Unique fashion has also been made by GOUK via collaboration with such characters as Hello Kitty, and the anime Bakumatsu Rock. Costumes for the band Ryoma Quartet, who debuted with Pony Canyon in July of 2016, were also created by GOUK.

Please visit the official GOUK home page for more information about GOUK

Modeling opportunity for Sakura-Con 2017 members

Have you always wanted to be in a Fashion Show? Well, registered member attendees have an opportunity to participate in the GOUK fashion show, which will be held Saturday afternoon during Sakura-Con 2017.

To apply, please send an email to fashion@jhouserock.com with the following:

  • Two photos (one headshot, one full body)
  • Measurements (height, weight, bust/hip/waist)
  • A brief statement telling why you want to be part of the GOUK fashion event
  • All applications must be submitted by Monday March 27, 2017
  • Direct all questions about modeling in the GOUK fashion show to fashion@jhouserock.com