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Chikashi Kubota

Chikashi Kubota was born in 1978 in Tokyo, Japan. He has loved drawing and creating flip-book manga from a very early age. When he was in elementary school, Kubota-san developed his artistic skills by drawing his favorite series, Dragon Ball, and aspired to be a professional animator. He began his career as an animator at Xebec, then later transferred to Gainax. In his 20’s, he was the original designer and art director for numerous works, and now in his 30’s he has started to focus on character design. He has served as animation director for series such as Space Dandy, One Punch Man, and From the New World, and has worked on key animation for many other shows.
Whether the genre is mecha, beautiful girls, action, or daily drama, Kubota-san always strives to create works of the highest quality.