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Chen-Ching Ting

Chen-Ching Ting, known as “Uncle Cat”, is the star senior puppeteer in PILI. From outdoor stages, to television, to movies, he has more than forty years of puppet mastery experience. His puppet operating techniques and skills have advanced and innovated in step with puppetry demands. He has mastered puppetry in various challenging places, including silk-hanging in the air, high stages, and even diving. In addition to his exquisite and diverse puppet mastering techniques, he is also an important driver for PILI puppetry technological innovation, research and development. He is a well a respected instructor for puppeteer training.  Among his credits are “Thunderbolt Fantasy Sword Seekers”  (Puppeteer Director), “The Arti: the Adventure Begins” (Puppeteer Director), and “The Legend of The Sacred Stone” (Senior Puppeteer). This will be his first US appearance at Sakura con.