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Katsuhiko Kitada

Katsuhiko Kitada is best known for his work on “HAL” (Character Animation / General Animation Director), “Attack on Titan” (Animation Director), and “Rollingā˜†Girls” (Character Settings / General Animation Director). In the past, Katsuhiko received glowing praise from “Attack on Titan’s” Araki Tetsurou, who stated: “His animation is both graceful and soft. I’m excited to see the heights he will reach as an animator.

Though not initially confident in his ability as an artist, Katsuhiko’s fame skyrocketed after the debut of his drawing of the Papillon from “Busou Renkin’s” opening chorus. He is also famous for his bikes. In a Shonen Magazine interview about the production of “Overdrive,” Katsuhiko jokes: “The producer tricked me into drawing nothing by complicated bikes.”