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Artist Alley FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Is there a portfolio review or jury process involved in getting a table?

Sakura-Con welcomes artists of all levels. There is not currently a review process for acquiring a table.

What can I sell in the Artist Alley?

If it has your artwork on it or was handmade by you, it is generally allowed in the artist alley.

What can I NOT sell in the Artist Alley?

Weapons are not allowed.
You may not sell any items that violate copyright or trademarks. This includes official logos, alterations or reproductions of official artwork, and bootlegs, as well as items that infringe on the work of independent artists.
Fan-art is allowed as long as it follows the above rules.

What is the process for getting a table?

The Application Form where you can submit your information is a Google form that will be linked here. You do not need a Google account to complete the form.
Submitting the form DOES NOT SECURE YOU A TABLE. Tables will be awarded by lottery once the sign-ups are closed. You will receive information about the contract and badge/table payment when you are awarded a table, and you must return contract, payment, and UBI in a timely manner to secure your table.

How many tables are available?

Artist Alley is going to be a lot bigger than prior years, so we have 300+ tables available for 2023.

How many tables can one artist or studio have?

There is a strict limit of 1 table per artist/studio.

Can I share my table?

Tables may be split by no more than 2 artists/studios. No exceptions. Note that this does not mean you can sublet or sell your table to someone else – doing so will result in a 2-year ban from the Artist Alley.

When do I need to be at my table?

You must have someone with an Artist Alley badge behind your table for the entirety of the Artist Alley hours of operation. Artist Alley staff will be available to watch your table for up to 30 minutes, to help out artists traveling alone.

We require your table to be manned at all times not only because empty tables look bad, but also because leaving your table empty for long periods of time is unfair to those who were not able to get a spot in the Artist Alley.

How big are the tables?

Tables are 2.5 ft x 8 ft, and come with a white table cloth and black skirt. There is a display height limit of 4 ft. on the table and 8 ft. on the floor. All displays must be made of sturdy materials. The Artist Alley coordinator has the final call on whether a display is safe; those deemed to be unsafe must be taken down or adequately reinforced to remain in the Alley. There will be an inspection by a fire marshal before we open AA.

How much is a table?

Tables are $300. This does not include a membership to the convention. Plan on spending $375 for your Artist Alley table and one badge.

You must submit membership registrations with your AA contract submission, for yourself and all of your assistants who have not already pre-registered. You may have up to 3 assistants. You cannot buy Artist Alley badges during the convention; they are only available ahead of time. Artist assistants will not be let into the Artist Alley space without the proper badge.

Also, your table will not have electrical outlets unless you request and pay for them. It is less expensive to pay for this in advance, but you can also request and pay for power at the convention. The pricing for power will be available 6 weeks before con.

Where is the Artist Alley located in the Convention Center?

Artist Alley will be located in 4EF for 2023. This was previously Exhibit Hall.

What is a UBI? Do I need one?

UBI stands for Universal Business Identification number. It is the number used to submit sales tax to the state after the convention.

In order to sell in the state of Washington, you must charge and pay taxes to the state. To do this, you must get a Washington State Tax Identification number. There are two ways to go about this.

Please keep in mind that you will not be allowed to sell in the Artist Alley without a valid UBI number. If you are having trouble registering for a UBI due to a non-US mailing address, please call 1-800-647-7706 for assistance. Do not use the addresses of the Convention Center or Sakura-con, because the Department of Revenue will be sending important documents to your mailing address later in the year.

My question was not answered here, how can I contact you?

If your question was not answered here, please feel free to contact the Artist Alley Staff.