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Sakura-Con General Meetings

Message from the Sakura-Con Board of Directors:

Because of the unusually close time conflict between the upcoming Seahawks game and our general meeting the board has opted to cancel the January 18th meeting.

Traffic is the primary concern, and unlike other games, there is not much leeway for us to travel and meet between kick off and end of meeting.
We found an alternative location for the following weekend and it is finalized.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause but hope it's understood that we made this choice for the sake of a more successful meeting.

Next Meeting: January 25th 2015 at 1PM, Roosevelt Hotel, The Wilson Room

Agenda for the General Meeting

  1. Opening/Welcome
  2. Departmental Reports
    1. Operations
    2. Programming
    3. Membership
    4. Relations
    5. Publicity
    6. Facilities
  3. Membership Comments and Ideas
    • Email if you have items or ideas to discuss, or feel free to bring what you need to present your information in person at our meeting. We welcome your ideas!
  4. Adjournment

For future reference, the remaining meeting dates are as follows:

  2/22/2015    General Meeting (WSCC 2AB)
  3/15/2015    General Meeting (WSCC 2AB)
  3/29/2015    Staff-Only Bag Stuffing
  4/3-5/2015    Sakura-Con
  5/3/2015    Staff-Only Elections & Awards

Previous Meeting Notes

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